For the longest time, I refused to pay for Spotify Premium because I didn’t want to spend ten dollars every month when I had other obvious money priorities. However, in August 2018, I became a student and was able to qualify for Spotify and Hulu’s combined student package for $4.99/month. Obviously, this package is well worth the monthly payment, so I finally signed up for Spotify Premium, and let me just say, I have not regretted buying the package since I signed up. Why?

I can listen offline. This is one of the main reasons why I adore Spotify Premium because I live in Oklahoma and, often times, the cell service is absolutely terrible, and with Spotify’s offline option, I can download as many songs as I wish and listen to them whenever and wherever I want.

Spotify and Hulu conjoined to bring a combined subscription package offer (4.99 a month for students). I mentioned this above, however, it’s the reason I felt so drawn to this particular student package. I am able to listen to millions of songs, and even more, I have the choice to watch thousands of TV shows and movies at my own convenience. This package opens up a whole other side to media subscriptions.

No ads. You know when you are in your car or walking to class and the longest ad in the world interrupts your jam session? Yeah, I absolutely despise ads between songs, so when I signed up for Spotify Premium, I instantly became relieved at how refreshing it is to simply listen to my favorite artists without interruptions.

Devoted podcast section. If you’re a podcast listener, you would not be disappointed in the various podcast channels that Spotify offers. Furthermore, Spotify will tailor podcasts based on what you’ve listened to in the past, so it’s extremely helpful when you’re looking for a something new to listen to. I regularly use Spotify for all of my podcast favorites because it’s so convenient to use and I never have to worry about having service because Spotify enables me to download and to listen offline.

Without a doubt, these are not all of Spotify Premium’s perks, however, they are the ones that stand out to me and why I continue to pay for Spotify Premium every month.