Ah, finals’ season is back once more, and the amount of sleepy-eyed students and Starbucks Venti iced coffees in the library has proved this season to be overwhelmingly stressful, and most of the time, quite unenjoyable.

With three finals on the brain, and a 10-page paper to revise, I have been stuck in a week that has consistently unenlightened me with both an aching headache and nerves striking every part of my body. On Wednesday, after hours of studying and revising, I imagined the upcoming weekend and told myself that I wouldn’t spend this much-needed break studying in the library; so, I decided that I would travel home for the weekend.

My hometown is extremely close to Norman, so I am very blessed with the opportunity to destress and get away from campus when needed, and for those that haven’t noticed, this weekend demands some time away from the books and the bright light of my laptop screen.

During my weekend before finals, besides studying, I plan to catch up on my sleep, spend a relaxing time with family, and maybe even watch a couple episodes of Friends. It would be beneficial to note that watching Friends is an excellent way to get your mind off things for a while. The sound of “Smelly Cat” is sure to distract you from the fact that you have to make an A on a final to pass one of your courses, or the fact that you’re between an A and a B, and the final is your chance to finish strong, or whatever worry is on your mind.

When my mind is trembling with nerves and worries, or if I’m feeling down on myself, I turn to the Twitter account of Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda and his perfectly-settling good morning and good night tweets. Here’s one of my favorite quotes that perfectly aligns with the uneasiness of finals’ week.

“Good morning.
Your mind is your home and no one else’s.
Furnish it as you wish.
Set the temp so you’re comfortable.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda

So, this weekend, I will set the temperature of my mind to a pleasant degree and try to put my mind at ease before the coming week.