Growing up, the one medium of media I could not get enough of was radio. Although watching Disney princess movies and Nickelodeon TV shows was a major attention-grabber, the piece of technology that has always given me peace has been whatever musical player I have in my right hand.

After years of caring around my nostalgic CD player, my parents granted me with my first iPod Touch on my seventh birthday. With a sizeable touchscreen, WIFI Internet, and 16 GB of storage for my music purchases via iTunes Store, I had never had more freedom with such a variety of musical genres.

Then, many years later, my family decided it was time I received my first phone and presented me with the iPhone 4 in the middle of my junior high journey. With the iPhone 4, I was not only able to listen to thousands of songs via iTunes Store, but I could FaceTime and iMessage my middle school buddies, take my own photos and record videos with high-definition, and buy several games and interesting apps via the App Store. And the crazy thing is, ever since my first iPhone in sixth grade, I have never lived without a phone that wasn’t from the Apple company.

Today, I listen to most of my music through my headphones on my iPhone, however, I still blast my car radio and divulge in my sentimental record player when given the chance.

Looking back, it’s amazing to see how radio and technology have been revolutionized in such a short period of time. And while I appreciate the easily-accessible devices like the iPhone with wireless connections like Bluetooth, there are days when the only musical player I wish I still owned was my old, overused CD player.