So, I have a random obsession with watching movie trailers on YouTube, and one night, I ran across the trailer for Someone Great, a Netflix Original movie starring Gina Rodriguez, Brittany Snow, and DeWanda Wise and absolutely fell in love with the storyline.

The story follows three best friends, as they balance work, relationships, and social lives in the center of fast-paced New York City.

Writer-director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson did an outstanding job of incorporating several unique characteristics for each character, allowing everyone that watches the film to relate to the film in their own way. The three main women leads carry such diverse lives, whether it has to do with their job, the way they go about dating, how they handle situations, or even their looks and overall style.

I found myself relating to Blair, played by Brittany Snow, who always thinks too far into situations, finds relationships tricky, and often times finds it hard to let loose and to forget about all the little things in life. She’s practical, but craves a life with adventure, and her two wild, live-in-the-moment best friends definitely allow her to let down her walls and have a little fun.

The base of the film, which follows the heart-wrenching breakup between long-time couple Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) and Nate (LaKeith Stanfield) felt so unique in my opinion because it didn’t follow the standard plot of a rom-com film, but rather displayed the harsh reality of breakups. The plot didn’t fixate itself on the “honeymoon stage” of dating; instead, it further dove into the complexities of why the two were ending it. And, even more so, the plot journeyed more on the side of friendship, rather than love stories. As Erin came to terms with her feelings for Leah, Jenny reminisced on the memories she shared with Nate, and Blair finally let her feelings live out by being with Matt (more than once), the three powerhouse friends were vulnerable with one another, while also comforting one another in times of heartbreak and falling in love.

On a final note, I will say that this movie doesn’t comprise of only love and breakup scenes. This film is outstandingly hilarious, with pop culture references, and a stunning cast to wrap it all together. It’s set in New York City, so situations tend to go a little wild but it truly makes you wish you were living out your dreams with your three best friends in the city that never sleeps.

Go watch it NOW on Netflix. You won’t regret it!