Every week, as a way to allow myself a breath of fresh air, I tune in to Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday Conversations podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Unsurprisingly, Oprah’s weekly podcast captures deep, meaningful conversation from recognized, influential human beings and allows me to leave the soulful conversations with a deeper awareness of my life purpose and the world around me.

I began watching Oprah’s podcast due to Oprah’s significant ability to hold expressive discussions with people from a multitude of backgrounds. Through her movies, talk show, speeches, magazine, books, and so many other platforms, Oprah has undoubtedly become one of the most influential women in the world. Now, with her presence in an inspirational, attentive podcast, Oprah is able to open up to prominent individuals and enable viewers, like myself, to be in the moment with her and her guests.

Just recently, on Season 9 Episode 903, Oprah sat down with Bradley Cooper to talk about all things A Star is Born, his growth as an actor, starting a family, meditation and prayer, and his gracious thanks to Oprah for being a light in his life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode due to my appreciation for Cooper’s passion of writing personal stories and his commitment as an artist.

After listening to Cooper open up to Oprah about his life, both professionally and personally, I learned the fear that crept through him during the first A Star is Born showing at the Venice Film Festival, how he uses meditation and prayer to get through his stressful, diligent days, working with the trailblazing artist Lady Gaga and her effect on him, and how the passing of his dad sparked an immediate change in Cooper’s life.

To say this podcast is inspirational would be quite the understatement, and I am always encouraging my family and friends to tune in if they are ever seeking to dive deep into new perspectives of life and possibilities.

Without question, I plan to continue tuning in to Oprah’s thought-provoking, conversational podcast because I always feel more encouraged to work hard toward my own aspirations.