Lin-Manuel Miranda, composer, lyricist, and performer, has been inspiring his followers on Twitter with good morning and good night messages for years.

After realizing his words of positivity and wisdom were actually having a worthwhile effect on his followers, Miranda combined his magical composed words with the animated, genius work of Jonny Sun and created “Gmorning, Gnight! little pep talks for me & you.”

This 201-page book features the advice of Miranda on topics ranging from going after your dream to just simply having the courage to get out of bed in the morning.

I received this beautifully written and illustrated book for Christmas, and since then, I have made a point to wake up and read a good morning message and to not close my eyes before reading a good night message. Although short, each pep talk resonates with one small part of my life.

Although I have not read through each pep talk, I combined my top favorite quotes from my book of 2019.

“Gmorning. You’ve got stuff in your head that no one else has got. And you’ve got stuff in your head that you think you bear alone, but I PROMISE you share with so many. Only way to know the difference is to spill it out. On paper, into a mic, to a shrink, onto a canvas. Let’s go!” – Lin-Manuel Miranda

“Gnight. I dunno exactly how to tell you this, but you’re not perfect. You never will be. You keep growing and messing up and learning, and today’s f**kup becomes a turning point once you survive it and see it behind you. You leave perfect in the DUST, love, you keep going.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda

“Gmorning! I wish you clarity today. Clarity of thought, clarity of expression, and a direct line between what you feel and what to do about it.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda

These three messages touch on not keeping the thoughts and feelings inside my head bottled up, reminding me that I’m not perfect and that I shouldn’t try to be, and wishing me a day full of clarity. Every day, I’m met with a new, inspiring message from the artist I look up to most. There is literally nothing more heartwarming than what I get to read from this wonderful collection of pep talks.