Growing up, I watched morning cartoons and afternoon Nickelodeon and/or Disney television shows just as any other young child my age. Fortunately, my mom and dad gave me my own television set, most likely because they didn’t want to watch Hannah Montana or Drake and Josh all day, and that’s how I was able to tune in to my childhood favorites. Although the screen was smaller than a laptop screen and as thick as a microwave, I adored it with my entire being.

Around age fourteen, my parents granted me with my first iPhone, and my TV experience dramatically changed. I began watching Netflix on my iPhone, watching YouTube videos on my iPhone, and soon after, I subscribed to Hulu.

While I still tune in to my much-loved medical drama Grey’s Anatomy on ABC or laugh at all the contestants on The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, also on ABC, I spend most of my time watching my favored TV shows via Netflix or Hulu.

This is due to Netflix and Hulu’s quick and easy platform where I am able to watch what I want, when I want, and where I want. Instead of having to come home and watch TV on my couch, I can watch it between my college classes, at my preferred lunch spot, or even on my way to class.

Being busy with college classes, and other priorities, it often becomes difficult to catch my favorite TV show on the CW, Freeform, or ABC when they premiere, however, thanks to Hulu, I am able to catch up on all of my TV favorites, as soon as the day after the premiere.

I do believe we will all see more advances in how we access TV, however, I absolutely love where society is now with the various TV platforms that surround us.