When I began college in Fall 2018, I have to stay, my study habits were relatively rusty. My summer was truly remarkable, being both adventurous and relaxing; however, it also threw me way off my academic schedule.

Of course, I knew I had to find my way back to a regular school schedule, filling my calendar with class, studying, and homework periods. At first, I went through several obstacles, attempting to land a steady agenda, but, after some time passed, I found a way to balance my rigorous schedule.

For studying, I fell in love with the easy and quick Quizlet for all my studying needs. Along with in-class notes and prior quizzes and exams, I utilized Quizlet to make flash cards, practice tests, and more with each subject area, and by acquiring the Quizlet app, it became a lot easier to study between classes, while waiting in line for lunch, sitting in my dorm room, or anywhere else for that matter. I highly recommend Quizlet for anyone looking for an easy, beneficial alternative way to studying for all of your subject areas in school because it has genuinely boosted my studying behaviors.

To manage my time better, I began using a daily/weekly planner and bought a desk calendar for my dorm room. These two organizers allowed me to plan my weeks ahead of time, reminding me what I needed to get done each and every week without any surprise homework assignments or quizzes. I gave myself studying blocks, homework blocks, and open time to do things I enjoy, like catching up on my favorite TV show, spending time with family or friends, or reading a book outside of my textbook readings.

Overall, finding a balance in school, work, and free time was my key to an efficient semester. My year began in an unsteady, bump manner, but, besides my mess-ups every now and again, I managed to take control of the little time I have and build a balanced schedule, finding bouts of time for each area of my up-and-down life.