Hi, and welcome!

My name is Lilli Oliver, and I am currently a sophomore at The University of Oklahoma, majoring in English Writing. Of course, this blog simply reflects my love for both personal and creative writing, and I hope this newfangled blogging adventure challenges me to discover varied elements of writing that I am able to incorporate into future projects.

Aside from writing, I enjoy a multitude of hobbies, including cooking, becoming easily addicted to TV shows, reading everything from self-help books to fiction novels, and spending time with my insanely wonderful family.

Currently, as part-time work, I work alongside a wonderful group of women at a church in my college town where I partake as a nursery and Summer Spectrum employee. I have a deep interest in engaging with children of all ages, and this continuously exciting opportunity allows me to do so. Without a doubt, I aspire to one day become a full-time writer, but, until then, I could not be more grateful for this window of opportunity to build friendships and work alongside the outgoing, sticky-faced children of my community.

Lastly, I write articles for an online community called Odyssey, so feel free to go visit some of my content at https://www.theodysseyonline.com/user/@lillian_oliver.